Is an independent and collaborative publication that features, side by side, young talents and those already recognized in different creativity areas.

Bringing novelty and freshness to contemporary fashion and culture scene, ‘CAUSE MAGAZINE is the result of a compilation of ideas from an unlimited and always growing community of contributors, thinkers and creatives from all over the world, including editorials, photography, art, articles, interviews and deep conversations with respected figures in a great specter of disciplines. 

Telling present stories and discussing the future with help from powerful minds, ‘CAUSE MAGAZINE is made for curious people.

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The name " 'CAUSE  MAGAZINE" comes from the English word "because" and means "porque" in Portuguese. The word in itself intrigues for the simple fact that, most likely, human beings are the only living creatures on Earth capable of pondering about life's motives. 

Another reason that gives the magazine it's name, though, is the possibility of a double meaning. Beyond the explanation above, cause is a conjugation of the verb "to cause" in Portuguese and, being on the second voice of imperative mode, it urges us to really cause something. 

In that sense, the magazine might serve as an answer, an explanation or encouragement, it really doesn't matter. What we really want to do is to investigate the whys but also to awaken a certain energy in the readers, a chill, a will to look and walk ahead, to move, to let them be the agents of their own destinies. 

'CAUSE  MAGAZINE is, therefore, the result of several questionings and also of our will to move minds, promote attitudes and search for the novelty, even if we have to back in order to do so. We're the fusion os past, present and future. We're a toast to human creativity.